Hoot Owl


The Hoot Owl belongs to the family of “true” or “typical” owls. Unlike many typical owls his eyes are brown, not yellow. His head is round, lacking ear tufts. He is far sighted – unable to clearly see anything within a few inches of his face – yet he can turn his head 135 degrees and look over his own shoulder. Thus, it is simultaneously easy and not easy to sneak up on him. The Hoot Owl is a homebody, often spending his entire life within 10 miles of his birth location. Ironically, he differs in this regard from citizens of Hoot Owl, Oklahoma (1990 population: 5; 2000 population: 0).

Flying Squirrel


The flying squirrel is the oldest living type of modern squirrel. When he wishes to move from one tree to another he launches himself into the air, flaps his fluffy wings, and glides for up to 200 meters with his tail puffed out like a parachute. He tends to be nocturnal because it is at night that the surrounding airspace is largely free of the birds, kites, and airplanes in which he could easily become entangled. The flying squirrel is the second fastest mode of transportation known to man, after the rocket.



The terrapin is a turtle-like creature that lives in fresh and brackish waters. He has a rigid beak, outstanding night vision, and a bony shell derived from his ribs. No matter how hard he tries, a terrapin can not crawl out of his shell. In addition, he can not stick out his tongue. The pattern on a terrapin’s shell is achieved by weaving colored threads in an alternating manner to form blocks of color that repeat in a series of squares and lines. The pattern and colors of a particular terrapin can be used to identify the Scottish clan to which he belongs.



The octopus has arms, not tentacles. He has a relatively short life span and is highly intelligent. In the United Kingdom, he is regarded as an honorary vertebrate. He has keen eyesight and an excellent sense of touch, but poor stamina. There are three ways to indicate more than one octopus: octopuses, octopi, octopodes. The octopus has three hearts, which means he loves you three times as much as I ever will.